"See the Difference"

One of the things we are most proud of here at BriteNiteLED is our V4 series of lights.  These lights use newer OSRAM LEDs vs the typical CREE LEDs used in our standard series of lights and by most of our competitors.  These OSRAM LEDs are 5w each, compared to the 3w CREE LEDs typically used.  This results in approximately double the lumen output per LED in the V4 series vs our standard series and most competitors.  Not only are the LEDs used in the V4 series an improvement, but the optics used to project the light are much improved.  The V4 series features a 4D lens compared to the standard series which uses a reflector.  These 4D optics focus the light much more precisely at the desired beam pattern and less light is loss through the optics.  These 2 major upgrades lead to what we believe is the best light on the market today, however, our standard series is still one of the best values on the market and maintains the same top notch quality as our V4series.  We are confident that with either choice you make, you will be more than satisfied.

Still have questions about our V4 or standard series of lights?  Please use our contact us page and we will be glad to help!